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Shrink Wrapping Machine Manufacturer

Owing the trademark in the industry we are well known organization as manufacturer and exporter of Wrapping machine Supplier in India. Wrapping machine is machines which partially wrap products. The term wrapping when applied to packaging equipment covers a broad family of machine types and styles. The wrap itself does not need to fully enclose the pack and can consist simply of a band, a partial enclosure of the pack or the complete hermetic seal of the product.

Even our comprehensive ranges of products are Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine/ Pre-Stretch, Door Wrapping Machine, Coil Wrapping Machine, Box Stretch Wrapping Machine /Pre-Stretch, Auto L-Bar Sealer, Shrink Wrapping Tunnel, Bottle Wrapping Machine.

Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine/ Pre-Stretch

pallet wrapping machine price
Pre-Stretch and Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine
    • Strach Wrapping
    • PRE-Strach Wrapping
  • Manufacturer By Vinayak packaging PSWM-05/015
Turnable Diameter 1500 mm
Wrapping Height (Including pallet) 1800 mm
Loading Weight Max. 1000 kgs. (4400 lbs)
Power Supply 1 or 3, 220 V. / 380 V. / 415 V., 50 Hz / 60 Hz.
Power Consumption Electrical Magnetic brake (Adjustable)
Power Consumption Pre – Stretch System 1.7 kW
Film Carriage System Electrical Magnetic brake (Adjustable)
Turnable Speed 5 ~ 15 RPM (Adjustable)
Film Spec. Film reel core dia. 76 mm.
Film Thickness 17 ~ 35 microns.
Effortless strap feeding all the way through pallet.
Can rapidly pack the large size products by single operator.
High tension capabilities with polyester strap.
Polypropylene strap can be also used.
Speed up the process of skid strapping.
Trough size L1200mm & Longer one available.

Door Wrapping Machine

kitchen door wrapping machine
Door Wrapping Machine
Wrapping Ring 1400mm I.D
Ring Rpm 5-50 RPM
Working Height 50-250 mm( As per Requirement)
Wrapping Material LDPE Stretch film (23 to 35 micron)
Wrapping Roll size 25-75mm Core, 100-250 O.D, 125-150 Width
Ring Motor 1 HP Induction Motor 1440 RPM
Conveyor Motor 1/2 HP Induction geared Motor (MGM varvel/Bonfiglioli)
  • Motors controlled by AC frequency drive (Schneider/siemens)
  • Auto Pneumatic Guide for Product ( Auto Adjustment)
  • Adjustable guide for all products. ( Auto Adjustment)
Max Wrapping Product Size 1250W X 3000L X 250H mm
Infeed Coveyor 1.5 meter (power roller)
Outfeed Conveyor 1.5 meter (power roller)
Control with Plc.
Pneumatic Janatics/Spec Make
Switch Gear Siemens
Automation Siemens / Schneider
  • Bearings FAG / SKF
  • Robust M.S Construction
  • Powder coated body
  • Automatic Infeet outfeet conveyor system

Coil Wrapping Machine

coil winding machine price
Coil Wrapping Machine
Voltage 3ph ac 415v 50/60 Hz
Power (KW) 2 kw
Speed 1-2  Coil/min
Diamete of coil (product) ID-200 to 420 mm/OD-300 to 800 mm
Height upto 250 mm,
Machine Dimension 1580X1250X1250
Net Weight 550 kg.
Body Powder Coated.
Ring Motor 0.5 HP 3 ph Induction motor(1400 rpm)
Roller Motor 1 HP 3 phase induction motor (1400 rpm)

Box Stretch Wrapping Machine /Pre-Stretch

carton box stretch wrapping machine
Pre-Stretch and Box Stretch Wrapping Machine
Box Size 31” X 35” X 35”
Weight Capacity 150 kg.
Speed Variable
Stretch 250-300%
  • 230 V. with plc
  • A C motor -3 nos
  • With speed variable
  • With plc operated
Air Pressure 5 Bar
M/c. Weight 450 kg Approx

Auto L-Bar Sealer

semi auto l bar sealer
Auto L-Bar Sealer
  • Schneider  base controller (PLC)
  • Touch-screen interface with diagnostics
  • Product memory for up to 20 package configurations
  • Heavy-duty hot knife sealing system with 18″ x 23″ seal area
  • Lower film cradle with film splitter and static eliminator
  • Adjustable height sealing jaws for products up to 8″ high
  • Product alignment guides
  • Horizontal and vertical product sensors
  • Variable speed conveyors—15 to 100 fpm
  • Package speed up to 40 per minute (depending on package size and film type)
  • Self-adjusting scrap take-up reel
  • Micro-Perf perforators for uniform air evacuation
  • Variable-speed film unwind
  • 23″ maximum film width
  • Casters and levelers
  • One year limited warranty

Shrink Wrapping Tunnel

shrink wrapping tunnel machine
Wrapping machine Supplier in india
Tunnel Dimension 50” LX 20” WX 40” H
Window Size 12” W X 12” H
Pack Size Max. 11” W X 24” L X 11” H
Conveyor Speed Variable
Max. Temp 00 to 3000 (Digital Temp. Control)
Tunnel Window Covering Teflon & Asbestos
Shrink Material PVC / LDPE / Polyolefin
Travel Time of pocket 13 Sec. Fixed Speed
Tunnel Body Structure M.S. Sheets M.S. & Al.
Power 5 kW
Weight 110 kg Approx.

Bottle Wrapping Machine

manual bottle shrink wrapping machine
Bottle Wrapping Machine
Salient Features for Shrink Tunnel
  • Voltage 440V (50/60Hz) Three Phase
  • Power 17 KW  
  • Conveyor Speed 0 – 10 m/min.
  • Chamber Size W 30’ x H 20” x L 36”
  • Conveyor Loading 150 kg
  • Machine Weight: 700 k g Approx.
  • Motor: Conveyor ac variable 0.5 Hp Geared. blower motor 0.25 hp
  • conveyor with chain system
  • Teflon door guard two layer in or out side
  • Digital temperature control with auto cut out
  • Cooling system
  • Any size available as per customer requirement
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