Bottle Shrink Wrapping Machine,Shrink Wrap Water Bottles Machine

Shrink wrap water bottles machine

Bottle Shrink Wrapping Machine

Bottle Shrink Wrapping Machine
Salient Features for Shrink Tunnel
  • Voltage 440V (50/60Hz) Three Phase
  • Power 17 KW  
  • Conveyor Speed 0 – 10 m/min.
  • Chamber Size W 30’ x H 20” x L 36”
  • Conveyor Loading 150 kg
  • Machine Weight: 700 k g Approx.
  • Motor: Conveyor ac variable 0.5 Hp Geared. blower motor 0.25 hp
  • conveyor with chain system
  • Teflon door guard two layer in or out side
  • Digital temperature control with auto cut out
  • Cooling system
  • Any size available as per customer requirement
We are recognized as leading Manufacture of automatic shrink wrap machine "," Shrink wrap water bottles machine "," Bottle shrink wrapping machine "," mineral water bottle packing machine "," pallet shrink wrap machine "," water bottle packing machine are available in various sizes, depending on your application. If you do not see a wrapping machine that meets your specifications, please contact our sales staff to inquire about your shrink wrapping machine requirements.
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