Automatic Strapping Machine

Automatic Strapping Machine

Semi and Fully Automatic Strapping Machine

Automatic Strapping Machine
Automatic Strapping Machines Exporter

We are being the foremost manufacturing of Automatic Strapping Machines. We have been providing all types of Automatic Strapping Machines for many years, and specialize in supplying Strapping supplied and machinery to customer throughout India and have a wealth of experience in this area.

Our provided fully automatic strapping machines substantially improve efficiency in a warehouse and also the overall presentation of our packaged products. The industry saving can frequently cover the comparatively low cost of the strapping machine. Strapping can either be black, white, and blue or printed with your company brand. Fully automatic strapping machines are for the graver user where speed and labor competence is a daily consideration in a busy packing environment.

Automatic strapping machine can easily be included in a packing production line where packing tables and strapping machines are positioned at workable heights.
The provided full range of strapping machines including both the competitively priced economy range and also the branded strapping machines.

Automatic strapping machine
Arch Size 850 mm(W) X 650 mm(H)– std
Strap Cycle Speed 32 Straps / Sec.
Tension Strength Max. 70 kgs.
Table Height 585 ~ 685 mm
Strap Width 6 ~ 15 mm
Sealing Method Heat Sealing
Power Supply 110 / 220 V., 50/ 60 Hz, 1, 220 / 380 V. , 50 / 60 Hz., 3.
Machine Dimension 1410 mm(W) X 640 mm(D) X1810 mm(H)
Machine Weight 287 kgs.
Packing Size 600 mm(W) X 530 - 630 mm(H)
Automatic Strapping Machine
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